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William’s creative work encompasses experimental music performance projects and various non-musical undertakings, such as the compilation of conflated idioms presented at [www.conflations.com]. He holds a Ph.D in music from UC, San Diego, where he studied in the computer music area with Miller Puckette, F.R. Moore, and Shlomo Dubnov. He has also earned Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts degrees in Composition, studying with Peter Hatch, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, Chris Brown, and Pauline Oliveros.

His electroacoustic performance projects combine human- robotic- and computer-realized sound, and are controlled by software written in the [SuperCollider] and [Pd] programming environments. In addition to concert-based projects, William is also active in the areas of remote network music performance, and interactive sound installation. His current research areas are the relationship between gesture and sound in the performance of live computer-based music, and signal processing techniques for timbre identification. As a programmer, he has developed various tools for use in Pd, including timbreID: an open source library of objects for real-time timbre analysis and identification, and DILib: a set of objects designed for the development of novel digital instruments.

William is an Assistant Professor of Audio Technology at American University in Washington DC.